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Innovations in measles and rubella elimination

It is estimated that more than 21 million deaths have been averted, globally, by measles vaccination since 2000. Despite this undeniable success, measles elimination is facing various challenges including the inability of health systems to reach more children. Measles vaccine coverage has plateaued over the past 10 years to levels incompatible with measles elimination goals, vaccine hesitancy sometimes fueled by increasingly vocal anti-vaccine groups is posing new challenges, rumors spread even faster than the disease through social media, outbreaks of various scales are reported in various countries in Africa as well as in countries of Europe and North America that had virtually eliminated measles. The special issue aims to documents innovations that have impacted or have the potential to help accelerate progress towards measles elimination targets by focusing on immunization service delivery, community demand for vaccination and advocacy, injection safety, supply chain management and cold chain, immunization financing, measles laboratory, measles and rubella campaigns planning an implementation, and more.

Guest editors: Robert Davis, James Goodson, Raoul Kamadjeu

Contact: The Pan African Medical Journal, Park Suites Building, Nairobi, Kenya

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Table of contents

Recent setbacks in measles elimination: the importance of investing in innovations for immunizations (Editorial)

James L. Goodson

Pan African Medical Journal. 20 February 2020. 35(1): 15

[PDF - 214 KB]

Global trends in measles publications (Review)

Rachel Kornbluh, Robert Davis

Pan African Medical Journal. 20 February 2020. 35(1): 14

[PDF - 668 KB]

Temporal trend of measles cases and impact of vaccination on mortality in Jigawa State, Nigeria, 2013-2017: a secondary data analysis (Research)

Aisha Sani Faruk, Adebowale Ayo Stephen, Muhammad Shakir Balogun, Lydia Taiwo, Olawunmi Adeoye, Samaila Mamuda, Ndadilnasiya Endie Waziri

Pan African Medical Journal. 19 February 2020. 35(1): 13

[PDF - 646 KB]

Impact on child vaccination completion rates of short message services (SMS) reminders in developing countries (Research)

Robert Davis

Pan African Medical Journal. 18 February 2020. 35(1): 12

[PDF - 496 KB]

Assessing the incremental costs and savings of introducing electronic immunization registries and stock management systems: evidence from the better immunization data initiative in Tanzania and Zambia (Research)

Mercy Mvundura, Laura Di Giorgio, Elisabeth Vodicka, Robert Kindoli, Chipo Zulu

Pan African Medical Journal. 12 February 2020. 35(1): 11

[PDF - 597 KB]

Seroprevalence of rubella in pregnant women in Southern Morocco (Case series)

Hanane Zahir, Lamiae Arsalane, Ghita Elghouat, Hanane Mouhib, Youssef Elkamouni, Said Zouhair

Pan African Medical Journal. 10 February 2020. 35(1): 10

[PDF - 261 KB]

Impact on refusal rates of house visits by Red Cross volunteers in Benin (Letters to the Editors)

Melaine Aholoukpe, Robert Davis

Pan African Medical Journal. 06 February 2020. 35(1): 9

[PDF - 217 KB]

The impact of a prolonged ebola outbreak on measles elimination activities in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, 2014-2015 (Research)

Balcha Girma Masresha, Richard Luce Jr, Goitom Weldegebriel, Reggis Katsande, Alex Gasasira, Richard Mihigo

Pan African Medical Journal. 06 January 2020. 35(1): 8

[PDF - 647 KB]

Progress towards measles elimination in Eritrea: 2003 - 2018 (Research)

Tedros Yehdego, Tzeggai Kidanemaryam Yhdego, Balcha Girma Masresha, Azmera Gebreslassie, Reggis Katsande, Daniel Fussum, Emmaculate Lebo, Josephine Namboze

Pan African Medical Journal. 03 January 2020. 35(1): 7

[PDF - 986 KB]

The use of WhatsApp group messaging in the coordination of measles supplemental immunization activity in Cross Rivers State, Nigeria, 2018 (Research)

Balcha Girma Masresha, Ogonna Nwankwo, Samuel Bawa, Thompson Igbu, Joseph Oteri, Halima Tafida, Fiona Braka

Pan African Medical Journal. 03 January 2020. 35(1): 6

[PDF - 451 KB]

Descriptive study of measles vaccination second dose reporting and barriers to improving coverage in six districts in Malawi (Research)

Geoffrey Chirwa, Karen Annette Wilkins, David John Mercer

Pan African Medical Journal. 03 January 2020. 35(1): 5

[PDF - 592 KB]

The distribution and use of feedback bulletins among national immunization program management teams in East and Southern Africa (Research)

Balcha Girma Masresha, Goitom Weldegebriel, Emmaculate Lebo, Jethro Chakauya, Daniel Fussum

Pan African Medical Journal. 03 January 2020. 35(1): 4

[PDF - 289 KB]

Measles and rubella microarray array patches to increase vaccination coverage and achieve measles and rubella elimination in Africa (Review)

Lauren Christine Richardson, William John Moss

Pan African Medical Journal. 03 January 2020. 35(1): 3

[PDF - 202 KB]

Control of measles in a juvenile custodial setting in the wake of the recent US outbreak (Brief)

Sadhana Dharmapuri, Karen Simpson, Kenneth Soyemi

Pan African Medical Journal. 03 January 2020. 35(1): 2

[PDF - 512 KB]

The African Region early experience with structures for the verification of measles elimination a review (Special feature)

Balcha Girma Masresha, Richard Luce Jr, Patricia Tanifum, Emmaculate Lebo, Annick Dosseh, Richard Mihigo

Pan African Medical Journal. 02 January 2020. 35(1): 1

[PDF - 305 KB]
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