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Dermoscopy of pyogenic granuloma

Dermoscopy of pyogenic granuloma

Amina Kissou1,&, Badr Eddine Hassam1


1Department of Dermatology, Ibn Sina University Hospital, Rabat, Morocco



&Corresponding author
Amina Kissou, Department of Dermatology, Ibn Sina University Hospital, Rabat, Morocco



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A patient aged 58 years, presented with 2 months history of an erythematous, painful and bleeding nodule, after labial herpes (A). The dermoscopic examination confirms the diagnosis of a pyogenic granuloma (B). The dermoscopic criteria are: the reddish homogeneous area (green line) whose color varied from completely red to red with whitish zones which is corresponded to proliferating vessels. A white collarette (yellow line) corresponds to the hyperplastic adnexal epithelium that embraces the lesion at the periphery. The white lines (blue line) like a double rail which is corresponded to a fibrous septa that criss-cross the lobules. And finally ulceration or hemorrhagic crusts (black line) which are frequently observed in pyogenic granuloma.


Figure 1: erythematous bleeding nodule of the lower lip