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Chilaiditi syndrome

Chilaiditi syndrome

Hicham Naji-amrani1, &, Aziz Ouarssani1


1Department of Pneumology, Moulay Ismail Military Hospital, Meknes, Morocco



&Corresponding author
Hicham Naji-amrani, Department of Pneumology, Moulay Ismail Military Hospital, Meknes, Morocco



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Chilaiditi syndrome or subphrenic interposition of the colon, is a rare condition with an incidence of 0.025% - 0.28% in radiographs and mostly diagnosed as an incidental finding. We report the case of a 67-years-old male, heavy smoker, with history of intermittent abdominal pain, who reported cough and muco-purulent sputum without fever or dyspnea. Physical examination showed bilateral bronchial rales and right hypochondrium sensitivity, his vital signs were normal. A posteroanterior chest films (A) reveled an elevated right hemidiaphragm with free gas below. A pneumoperitoneum, subphrenic abscess, and intestinal pneumatosis were suspected, however, a CT scan of the thorax and abdomen (B, C and D) showed the interposition of the right colon angle between the diaphragm and the liver without any perforated viscus. Our patient was treated for chronic bronchitis infection; otherwise his Chilaiditi syndrome required symotomatic treatment with good outcomes.



Figure 1: (A) posteroanterior chest films shows gas under elevated right hemidiaphragm; (B; C and D0; CT scan showing the interposition of right colic angle above the liver dome