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Innovations in Measles Elimination Innovations in Measles Elimination
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Building a public health workforce in Nigeria through experiential training

This supplement describes the work of the Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program(NFELTP) ( in building an effective and skilled workforce in Nigeria through experiential training. This supplement is a demonstration of some of the results of NFELTP residents and graduates efforts in addressing current public health challenges such as disease outbreaks and surveillance gaps for infectious and non-infectious diseases. The support to the program by the Government of Nigeria and its health development partners particularly the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has enabled the program to upscale towards attaining its goal of building an adequate public health workforce through experiential training and providing epidemiological services to improve public health in Nigeria and beyond. The authors describe the processes, operations and coverage of the program and provide disease specific examples on public health response.

Guest editor: Patrick Nguku

Contact: Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Lab Training Program (FELTP), Abuja, Nigeria


Pan Af Med J. 2014;18 (Supp 1):1

Building a public health workforce in Nigeria through experiential training

Akin Oyemakinde, Patrick Nguku, Rebecca Babirye, Sheba Gitta, Peter Nsubuga, Joseph Nyager, Abdulsalami Nasidi

A competently trained public health workforce that can operate multi-disease surveillance and response systems is required for timely detection and response to public health emergencies. The backbone of any disease control is a robust surveillance system that is interlinked with timely quality respo ...

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Pan Af Med J. 2014;18 (Supp 1):2

Training and service in Public Health, Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training, 2008 – 2014

Patrick Nguku, Akin Oyemakinde, Kabir Sabitu, Adebola Olayinka, Ikeoluwapo Ajayi, Olufunmilayo Fawole, Rebecca Babirye, Sheba Gitta, David Mukanga, Ndadilnasiya Waziri, Saheed Gidado, Oladayo Biya, Chinyere Gana, Olufemi Ajumobi, Aisha Abubakar, Nasir Sani-Gwarzo, Samuel Ngobua, Obinna Oleribe, Gabriele Poggensee, Peter Nsubuga, Joseph Nyager, Abdulsalami Nasidi

The health workforce is one of the key building blocks for strengthening health systems. There is an alarming shortage of curative and preventive health care workers in developing countries many of which are in Africa. Africa resultantly records appalling health indices as a consequence of endemic a ...

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Pan Af Med J. 2014;18 (Supp 1):3

A description of HIV prevalence trends in Nigeria from 2001 to 2010: what is the progress, where is the problem?

Adebobola Bashorun, Patrick Nguku, Issa Kawu, Evelyn Ngige, Adeniyi Ogundiran, Kabir Sabitu, Abdulsalam Nasidi, Peter Nsubuga

Nigeria's population of 160 million and estimated HIV prevalence of 3.34% (2011) makes Nigeria the second highest HIV burden worldwide, with 3.2 million people living with HIV (PLHIV). In 2010, US government spent about US$456.5 million on the Nigerian epidemic. Antenatal clinic (ANC) HIV sero-pre ...

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HIV Disclosure Status and Factors among Adult HIV Positive Patients in a Secondary Health Facility in North-Eastern Nigeria, 2011
Raymond Salanga Dankoli, Alhaji A Aliyu, Peter Nsubuga, Patrick Nguku, Okechukwu Ossai, Dahiru Tukur, Luka Ibrahim, James Madi, Mahmood Dalhat, Abdullaziz Mohammed
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 4, 21 July 2014
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Factors associated with tuberculosis among patients attending a treatment centre in Zaria, North-west Nigeria, 2010
Ndadilnasiya Endie Waziri, Simeon Cadmus, Patrick Nguku, Olufunmilayo Fawole, Olajide Adewale Owolodun, Hyelshilni Waziri, Luka Ibrahim, Oladayo Biya, Saheed Gidado, Samuel Badung, Peterside Kumbish, Peter Nsubuga
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 5, 21 July 2014
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Knowledge, care-seeking behavior, and factors associated with patient delay among newly-diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis patients, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria, 2010
Oladayo Biya, Saheed Gidado, Ajibola Abraham, Ndadilnasiya Waziri, Patrick Nguku, Peter Nsubuga, Idris Suleman, Akin Oyemakinde, Abdulsalami Nasidi, Kabir Sabitu
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 6, 21 July 2014
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Prevalence and risk factors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex infection in slaughtered cattle at Jos South Abattoir, Plateau State, Nigeria
Lilian Akudo Okeke, Simeon Cadmus, Ikenna Osemeka Okeke, Maryam Muhammad, Oluchi Awoloh, David Dairo, Endie Ndadilnasiya Waziri, Adebola Olayinka, Patrick Mboyo Nguku, Olufunmilayo Fawole
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 7, 21 July 2014
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Health care workers’ knowledge and attitude towards TB patients under Direct Observation of Treatment in Plateau state Nigeria, 2011
Luka Mangveep Ibrahim, Idris Suleiman Hadjia, Patrick Nguku, Ndadilnasiya Endie Waziri, Moses Obiemen Akhimien, Phillip Patrobas, Peter Nsubuga
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 8, 21 July 2014
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Determinants of routine immunization coverage in Bungudu, Zamfara State, Northern Nigeria, May 2010
Saheed Gidado, Patrick Nguku, Oladayo Biya, Ndadilnasiya Endie Waziri, Abdulaziz Mohammed, Peter Nsubuga, Henry Akpan, Akin Oyemakinde, Abdulsalami Nasidi, Idris Suleman, Emmanuel Abanida, Yusuf Musa, Kabir Sabitu
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 9, 21 July 2014
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Characteristics of persons refusing oral polio vaccine during the immunization plus days – Sokoto, Nigeria 2011
Abdulaziz Mohammed, Kabir Sabitu, Patrick Nguku, Emmanuel Abanida, Sadik Sheidu, Mahmood Dalhat, Raymond Dankoli, Saheed Gidado, Idris Suleiman
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 10, 21 July 2014
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Evaluating a surveillance system: live-bird market surveillance for highly pathogenic avian influenza, a case study
Ndadilnasiya Endie Waziri, Patrick Nguku, Adebola Olayinka, Ike Ajayi, Junaidu Kabir, Emmanuel Okolocha, Tesfai Tseggai, Tony Joannis, Phillip Okewole, Peterside Kumbish, Mohammed Ahmed, Lami Lombin, Peter Nsubuga
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 11, 21 July 2014
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Profile of dog bite victims in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria: a review of dog bite records (2006-2008)
Olaniran Alabi, Patrick Nguku, Silvester Chukwukere, Ayika Gaddo, Peter Nsubuga, Joliath Umoh
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 12, 21 July 2014
[Full text] [PDF in process]
Prevalence and factors associated with hypertension and obesity among civil servants in Kaduna, Kaduna State, June 2012
Abisola Monisola Oladimeji, Olufunmilayo Fawole, Patrick Nguku, Peter Nsubuga
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 13, 21 July 2014
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High concentration of blood lead levels among young children in Bagega community, Zamfara – Nigeria and the potential risk factor
Olufemi Olamide Ajumobi, Ahmed Tsofo, Matthias Yango, Mabel Kamweli Aworh, Ifeoma Nkiruka Anagbogu, Abdulazeez Mohammed, Nasir Umar-Tsafe, Suleiman Mohammed, Muhammad Abdullahi, Lora Davis, Suleiman Idris, Gabriele Poggensee, Patrick Nguku, Sheba Gitta, Peter Nsubuga
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 14, 21 July 2014
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Bacteriuria and urinary schistosomiasis in primary school children in rural communities in Enugu State, Nigeria, 2012
Okechukwu Paulinus Ossai, Raymond Dankoli, Chimezie Nwodo, Dahiru Tukur, Peter Nsubuga, Daniel Ogbuabor, Osaeloka Ekwueme, Godwin Abonyi, Echezona Ezeanolue, Patrick Nguku, Douglas Nwagbo, Suleiman Idris, George Eze
Pan Afr Med J. 2014; 18(Suppl 1): 15, 21 July 2014
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