Guidelines for supplement sponsors

PAMJ publishes supplements. Supplements are published in addition to the regular issues of the journal. Supplements may be based on: proceedings of a meeting or conferences, collection of manuscripts related to a specific topic etc.. Supplement are published with the support of various entities including: nonprofit organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical education companies, universities etc.. As all articles published in PAMJ, supplements articles are peer-reviewed, archived in PUBMED Central and covered by the major data base and contents services (Medline, PubMed, Embase, etc) PAMJ website.

Benefits of publishing a supplement with PAMJ

  • Cost effective
  • Promote the scientific status of the organization
  • Reach a wider audience to show case the work/achievements of your organization
  • High visibility through indexation to library services and circulation to more than 4000 PAMJ subscribers and online visibility on PAMJ website
  • Rapid publication, with fast turn-around time from submission to publication

Instructions for supplements

Articles consider for publication as supplements will follow PAMJ guidelines available at: The supplement sponsor will declare all competing interests. PAMJ editors have the right to veto an article in the supplement if they feel that it violates the journalís editorial policy, is unbiased or has conflicts of interest.

Publishing a supplement with PAMJ

Some information the supplement sponsor should have before contacting the journal include:

  • A theme, title, and scope of the supplement
  • The target audience for the call for paper: who will be eligible to submit manuscripts for the supplement?
  • An estimate of the number of manuscripts to be included in the supplement which should not be less than 5.
  • A timeline and estimated publication date of the supplement
  • The name of 2 to 3 guest editors for the supplement, one of which will be the primary guest editor and will communicate with PAMJ editorial team
  • A sample call for papers for the supplement (if required) that will be circulated to the the target audience and posted on PAMJ website.

For more, contact the editorial team of the Pan African Medical Journal at: