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Scientific and medical literature shared through open access channels is growing exponentially. New journals are published each passing day, consequently competing for quality and relevance by attracting manuscript submissions, as well as attracting and sustaining a pool of experienced and valuable reviewers.
The Pan African Medical Journal (PAMJ) has a variegated resource of professionals from different health and medical-related arenas from all over the world, who provide critical peer review of manuscripts. The map below shows PAMJ�s global footprint in terms of the number of professionals support PAMJ by reviewing manuscripts submitted for publication.

Pan African Medical Journal reviewers around the world (For 2020 only)
We know what it takes to review a manuscript; journals target high profile professionals; they are usually very busy and have competing priorities. Reviewers play an undeniable role in maintaining the quality of scientific publications by freely sharing their time, expertise, resourceful minds, and knowledge. PAMJ therefore consistently seeks to partner with enthusiastic and experienced professionals to review manuscripts submitted to our journal and help authors turn them into winning publications.
Becoming a PAMJ Reviewer
The PAMJ is always looking for enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated professionals to review the multiple manuscripts received every year. Becoming a reviewer for PAMJ is a simple process that calls for one to have a high level of scientific integrity and some experience in public health, epidemiology, research and applied sciences, associated with some training in literature review PAMJ is therefore pleased to invite you to join our team of knowledgeable and resourceful reviewers by filling the form below. You will automatically be added to the PAMJ Reviewers Database.
Provide complete information with a 150-word personal profile including your past and current experience, your research interests and your current affiliation. This information will help us target your review and will be passed to the corresponding author with the review report. This information will make the authors as comfortable as possible in regard to your ability and qualifications to review their manuscripts. It will also promote greater accountability in our open review process.
Helping young researchers enhance their scientific writing skills is a philosophy that PAMJ greatly uplifts. We hope that, by encouraging as much as possible direct interactions between reviewers and authors, this will be accomplished.
The editorial team would like to acknowledge the following people for their contribution as reviewers for the PAMJ
Reviewers for all years 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | All years
Reviewers list for 2012
Ackumey Mercy , Ghana Alkizim Faraj , Kenya
Ambrosioni Juan , Switzerland Angel Martha Olivera , Colombia
Anoosheh Monireh , Iran Asfaw Tadese , Ethiopia
Balaha Magdy , Saudi Arabia Balogun Bolanle , Nigeria
Balti Eric , Belgium Balzer Katrin , Germany
Bhatti Junaid A , Pakistan Biellik Robin , Switzerland
Blacksell Stuart D , Thailand Bou Khalil Rami , Lebanon
Ceccarelli Giancarlo , Italy Chadambuka Addmore , Zimbabwe
Charles Le , United States Cheng Juei Tang , Taiwan
Coetzee Edt , Saint Lucia Conserve Donaldson , United States
Converse Paul , United States Dehayem Mesmin , Cameroon
Deshmukh Abhishek , United States Dorner Thomas , Austria
Dr Tchendjou Patrice , Dykstra Jessica , United States
Edmonds Joyce K , United States Edwin Frank , Ghana
El Gilany Abdel Hady , Egypt Emukah Emmanuel , Nigeria
Evans Denise , South Africa Ferreira Maria Beatriz , Mozambique
Foerster Christopher , Australia Fortner Renee , United States
Fuhrman Barbara J , United States Geirsdottir Og , Iceland
Goi Pilar , Spain Gueye Abdou Salam , Benin
Guilherme Luiza , Brazil Guo Feng , United States
Hegde Shreelaxmi , India Heidari Bateni Giv , United States
Herrick Linda M , United States Hoekstra Edward J , United States
Inamo Jocelyn , France Inegbenebor Ute , Nigeria
Janardhanam Srihari , United States Jolly Pauline E , Ghana
Joshi Kalpesh , India Kabiru Caroline , Kenya
Kajja Isaac , Uganda Kalpatthi Ram , United States
Kamadjeu Raoul , United States Kamanga Aniset , Zambia
Kawai Kosuke , United States Kegne Andre Pascal , Australia
Kelly Paul , Zambia Kelly Nuala , Ireland
Kenfak Alain , Switzerland Kerber Kate , United States
Khan Barkat , Pakistan Khokher S , Pakistan
Klein Axel , United Kingdom Kleintjes Sharon , South Africa
Lacour Sandrine , France Lahuerta Maria , United States
Lall Kumud , United States Lara Santos Lucio , Portugal
Laruelle Eric , France Lim Young Suk , Korea
Lob Levyt J , United Kingdom Mafuvadze Benford , Zimbabwe
Mai Pho , United States Marcelo Alvin , Philippines
Martinea Adrian , United Kingdom Martins Md , Portugal
Matsumoto A , Japan Menezes Colin , South Africa
Mirza Hussnain , United States Mitiku Kassahun , Ethiopia
Monteiro Soares Matilde , Portugal Mpoudi-etame Mireille , United States
Muhsen Khitam , Israel Munasinghe Ma , Sri Lanka
Naidoo Shan , South Africa Nandasena Sumal , Sri Lanka
Nguefack-tsague Georges , Cameroon Nguimfack Judith , Zambia
Noureddine Samar , Lebanon Nsagha Dickson Shey , Cameroon
Nyasulu Peter , South Africa Ojeniran Moyinoluwa , Israel
Olasoji Ho Olasoji , Nigeria Olsson Sten , Sweden
Otero Laura , Spain Owoaje Et , Nigeria
Oyerinde Koyejo , United States Ozurumba Leo , Nigeria
Pant Krishna Prasad , Nepal Pardo De Santayana M , Spain
Pegurri Elisabeta , Ethiopia Porhomayon Jahan , Malaysia
Radhakrishnan Kurupath , India Ralph Jody , United States
Rangarajan Sunil , India Rashiq Saifee , Canada
Robyn Paul Jacob , Germany Roche Joseph , United States
Rogers Nikki , United States Ruvinsky Silvina , Argentina
Salerno Jonathan , United States Sandhu Sukhinder , United States
Sanou A , Canada Sarna Linda , United States
Semple Sean , United Kingdom Sicuri Elisa , Spain
Sliem Hamdy , Egypt Sonoda Luke , United Kingdom
Srivastava Dr Dhiraj , India Stokx Jocelijn , Belgium
Sulaiman N , Malaysia Sutcliffe Catherine , United States
Tantchou Tchoumi Jacques Cabral , Cameroon Tavrow P , United States
Teferra Solomon , Ethiopia Tene Gilbert , Rwanda
Thanawongnuwecha Roongroje , Thailand Thiam Sylla , Kenya
Tirumuru Nagaraja , United States Tsague Landry , Zambia
Ujcic Voortman Joanne K , Netherlands Unim Hans , Nigeria
Van Den Boogaard Jossy , Netherlands Von Lindern Jeannette S , Netherlands
Wang Mei-hui , United States Webb Brandon , United States
Wonkam Ambroise , South Africa Yotsu Rie R , Japan
Yusuff Kazeem , Nigeria Zhong Jixin , United States

Pamj review process

At PAMJ, we review all the material we receive. The editors of PAMJ performs an internal peer-review at the end of which, a manuscript can be rejected, accepted or submitted for external peer-review.

During the initial internal review, the editors focus on the overall look of the manuscript, adherence to journal standards, the quality of the written language. At this stage, we also focus on the topic addressed in the manuscript, its relevance to the journal audience, its originality, adherence to publication and research ethics. The overall methodology of the work is also reviewed at this stage to try to identify gross methodological shortfalls. Most of the manuscripts will not be send for external peer review at this stage in other to avoid spending valuable reviewers time. We may eventually request the authors to submit a revised version of their manuscript at this stage.
Download an overview of Pamj review process (Pdf).

Material for reviewers

To facilitate the assessment of manuscript by peer-reviewers, PAMJ provides a peer-review form. The peer reviewers will provide their expert judgment on the quality (general aspects, objectives, methods, majors revisions, minor revisions, opinion on whether or not the manuscript should be published). A copy of the reviewer�s template is available here.
Other material exists that could be of help to peer-reviewers, we encourage them to look at them:

Becoming a reviewer

The PAMJ is always looking for enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated professionals to review the multiple manuscripts we received every year. By filling this form, you will be automatically added to the PAMJ Reviewer Database. Provide complete information, including a short bios ketch including your past and current experience, your work interest and your current affiliation; this information will help us target your review and will be passed to the corresponding author with the review report. This is an attempt to make the authors as comfortable as possible on the ability and qualifications of the reviewers to review their submission and also, to promote greater accountability in our open review process.

Helping young researchers acquiring scientific writing skills is a concept we hold dear; for this reason we will try to encourage as much as possible, direct interactions between reviewers and authors.

*All fields are compulsory
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  Speech therapy
Biomedical sciences
  Cell biology
  Molecular Biology
  Communication for Development
  Health communication
  Oral health
  Clinical laboratory sciences
Diagnostic and radiology
  Diagnostic radiology
  Nuclear medicine
Environmental Health
  Air and industrial hygiene
  Environmental chemistry/biology
  Environmental management
  Food protection
  Hygiene and sanitation
  Water resources
  Work environment
  Cancer epidemiology
  Diabetes epidemiology
  HIV epidemiology
  Infectious diseases epidemiology
  Non-Communicable diseases epidemiology
Health Emergencies
  Health Emergencies
Health system, health economy, health administration
  Health administration
  Health economy
  Health information system management
  Health system development
Immunization supply and cold chain
  Supply chain management
  Vaccine cold chain
  Vaccine logistic
  Biomedical informatics
  Medical informatics
  Public Health informatics
Legal medicine
  Legal medicine
  Allergy and Immunology
  Diabetes care
  Emergency medicine
  Family Medicine
  Forensic Medicine
  Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  Infectious disease
  Intensive care medicine
  Internal medicine
  Palliative care
  Physical medicine and rehabilitationor Physiatry
  Sport medicine
  Tropical medicine
  Urgent Care Medicine
  Veterinary medicine
  Behavioral Neurology
  Clinical Neurophysiology
  Geriatric Neurology
  Headache Medicine
  Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
  Neurology (general)
  Neuromuscular Medicine
  Pain Medicine
  Sleep Medicine
  Vascular Neurology
  Clinical nursing
  Nursing education
  Public Health Nursing
Nutrition and food
  Adult nutrition
  Child nutrition
  Food safety
Obstetrics and gynecology
  Fertility medicine
  Obstetrics and gynecology
  Pediatric cardiology
  Pediatric endocrinology
  Pediatric gastroenterology
  Pediatric hematology
  Pediatric neurology
  Pediatric oncology
  Pediatric ophthalmology
  Pediatrics (general)
Plastic surgery
  Burn surgery
  Cosmetic surgery
  Craniofacial surgery
  Hand surgery
Public health
  Adolescent health
  Chronic disease prevention
  Community health
  Global health
  Health education
  Health metrics
  Health policy
  Health promotion
  Health Research
  International health
  Maternal and child health
  Maternal and child health
  Measles elimination
  Minority and multicultural health
  Occupational health and safety
  Polio eradication
  Public health
  Reproductive Health
  Respiratory diseases
  School health
Social sciences
  History of medicine
Special programs
  Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI)
  HIV prevention and care (PMTCT)
  Malaria control program
  Neglected diseases
  Onchocerciasis control program
  Trachoma control program
  Cardiovascular surgery
  General surgery
  Maxillofacial surgery
  Orthopedic surgery
  Otolaryngology (ENT)
  Pediatric surgery
  Surgical oncology
  Thoracic surgery
  Transplant surgery
  Vascular surgery

Short biosketch:*
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