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The Pan African Medical Journal will institute Article Processing Charges starting on January 31, 2012.

Starting on January 31, 2012, the Pan African Medical Journal will start charging manuscript processing charges for manuscript accepted for publication in the journal. This questions and answers guide provides relevant information about our new author fees policy.

Why PAMJ will soon charge Article processing fees (APF)?

Since mid-2008, the number of manuscripts published in the Pan African Medical Journal (PAMJ) has grown exponentially; from only few manuscripts to more than 800 in 2009 and 2010 and more than 1200 in 2011 alone. This drastic increase in the number of submissions translates the growing confidence and recognition that the journal enjoys within research and health communities in Africa and beyond. To make sure that we continue to provide the best service to our authors and maintain the quality of the journal, we have decided to institute article processing charges.

Article processing fees will allow the journal to hire more editors in order to speed-up the publication process like: preparing manuscripts for pair review, communicate with authors, formatting manuscripts for publication, etc.. The funds generated will also allow us to pay contractors for PUBMED XML processing, to expand and maintain the journal IT infrastructure, acquire Digital Object identifier through CrossRef®, improve translation services, expand the journal capacity building and author resources offers, etc... The net result for authors will be a faster publication process, from submission to indexation on PUBMED Central.

How much will PAMJ charge as article processing fees?

PAMJ will charge $US 180 (180 United States dollars) per article accepted for publication in the journal. The fees will be paid only if the manuscript is accepted for publication.

When will the article-processing charges come into effect?

The article processing charges will be applicable to manuscripts submitted to PAMJ after January 31 2011. All manuscripts submitted before that date and not yet published will not be charged.

Is there a discount or waiver for authors who cannot pay?

Yes, discount and waivers will be available to authors who cannot pay. Individual waiver requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The authors who wish to apply for a waiver or a discount will have to do it during the submission process by checking the appropriate box and providing all required information. PAMJ is currently engaged in a very intense fund raising campaign to secure funding for Open Access journal development in Africa. This will allow us to subsidize authors who cannot pay APF. We will also offer a discount or waiver to peer-reviewers that kindly offered their services to the journal.

How can institutions support their researchers or members with article processing fees?

Institutions can register with PAMJ to become affiliated members. Affiliated institutions pay a lump sum every year to cover the cost of APF for all manuscripts originating from that institution. So authors from affiliated institutions do not have to worry about APF. Institution can be universities, departments inside universities, hospitals, departments within ministries, ministries, scholarly or professional societies etc... For more on PAMJ institutional affiliation program, contact sales-services@panafrican-med-journal.com.

How does PAMJ article-processing fees compare to other journals?

The amount we charge is very low when compared to other African journals and extremely low compared to what Open Access publishers outside of the continent charge. But we know this amount remain high for the majority of authors submitting or targeting to submit on PAMJ. For this reason we encourage authors to submit their manuscripts to PAMJ even if they cannot pay. We will find a way to get the manuscript publish through our various programs. We encourage those who can pay to do so; they will be supporting the development of Open Access journals in Africa.

Strategies authors can use to pay article processing charges

Authors are encouraged to explore funding opportunities to support APF with local agencies (World Health organization, UNESCO, UNICEF). Money to cover APF should also be included in the budget of research project. Most articles submitted to PAMJ have an average of 4 authors; authors can share the cost equitably among themselves (APF cost sharing).

Does the journal charges article processing fees for all manuscripts?

No. The processing charges will not apply to manuscript submitted as opinions, reactions, book reviews, editorials or any invited manuscripts.

What measures are taken to ensure that PAMJ remains accessible to African authors?

The driver for publication in PAMJ will remain the quality of the manuscript. We will continue to work on our “sponsor-an-author” program whereby we raise fund from various donors to cater for a certain number of manuscripts per year. If we are able to generate enough money, we may eventually decrease the amount charged. We will also encourage institutions and universities, particularly those with high volume of manuscripts submitted to PAMJ, to support their authors by contributing to our institutional affiliation program.

Who will make the payment and how will the payment be made?

The person submitting the manuscript will be the one responsible of making the payment. The payment will have to be made when the submitting authors receives a notification that the manuscript has been accepted for publication. The notification email will include all information require to make the payment. The mode of payment will vary depending on the location of the submitting author but will include: bank transfer, money transfer through established money transfer companies (Western Union, MoneyGram etc..), mobile phone money transfer (example: M-PESA in Kenya and East Africa). The forms of payment will be expanded progressively.

For additional questions on PAMJ article processing fees, send an email to sales-service@panafrican-med-journal.com

News - Published on 16-Dec-2011
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