Manuscript submission check list
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Read carefuly and completely

We would like to inform you that authors of manuscripts accepted for publication in the Pan African Medical Journal will be required to contribute an article processing charge of $180. More information on PAMJ article processing charges can be found on our article processing charges announcement page. (The page opens in a different window and will not interrupt your submission)

Dear author, thanks for considering the Pan African Medical Journal for your submission
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The journal only accepts manuscripts submitted through the Manuscript Submission System (MSS). If you experience problems with the online MSS, send an email to editor@panafrican-med-journal.com
Please read carefully before you proceed to manuscrip submission. Review the journal instructions for authors if necessary.

Review the points of the check list before you proceed to manuscript subscription. If you have additional questions about this process, contact the editorial team at editor@panafrican-med-journal.com.

1. E-mail addresses

Have the list of e-mail addresses for all the co-authors ready. You will need to provide these so that we can inform the co-authors when the manuscript has been received and when it is published.

2. Instructions for Authors and peer review policy

Read detailed Instructions for Authors for the journal and the peer review policy.

Download the Pan African Medical Journal peer review process

3. Covering letter

Have the covering letter for your submission ready, explaining why we should publish your manuscript and elaborating on any issues relating to our editorial policies detailed in the instructions for authors.

4. Manuscript files

Have all the files for the manuscript in an acceptable format ready.

Manuscripts not formatted according to the Pamj style will be returned to the authors. For all research papers, make sure your manuscript includes the following sections: Background, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, List of tables and Figures, Conflicts of interests, Authorsí contribution, Acknowledgments (if any) and References. Pay special attention to citations in the manuscript. Pamj citation format is [1], [1,2], [5-8], [X1,X2Ö.] and NOT X1, X3, or anything else. . Manuscript not following these basic formatting rules will be returned illico presto. A basic sample for reference is provided below:

  1. Kirikou Thomas, Doe John, Shaba Kevin, Kashawa Tuma. A sample of the pamj reference style as shown on the journal website. J Hist Fant. 2006; 76(11):204-212
  2. Kirikou Thomas, Doe John, Shaba Kevin, Kashawa Tuma. Another sample of the pamj reference style: as shown on the journal website. J Hist Fant. 2006; 76(12):212-228
Authors names are separated by coma. Article title starts after the author name series, precededdes by a dot and terminated by a dot. Journal abbreviation or name dot year; volume number and in brackets issue number, then page numbers if applicable. The format is:

Author1 LastName FirstName, Author2 LastName FirstName, Author3 LastName FirstName, AuthorX LastName FirstName. Artitle title. Journal name or abbreviation. Year or date; Volume(Issue): StartPage-EndPage.

Main manuscript
  • Formats: Microsoft Word (Version 4.0 and above).
  • Tables: Any table should be able to fit on a single page and should be included at the end of the manuscript. Download sample of correctly formatted tables (Microsoft Word 2002-2003, *.DOC): Table 1, Table 2.
Download PAMJ research manuscript template here (Microsoft Word, 31Kb)
  • Figure files
  • Formats: PNG, JPEG only. MUST BE SUBMITTED AS SEPARATE FILES, not embedded in the main manuscript. Submit the best quality possible
    Files must be named with the three letter file extension appropriate to the file type (eg: .jpeg, .png). You will be asked to provide figure labels during the submission process. (The label is the small comment that usually goes with the figure. Example: Figure 1: Prevelance of diabetes in the study population aged 18 years and above. Findings of the TRICARE Diabetes Study, Uganda, 2006.)
    If you use excel to generate your graph, avoid 3D, crowded axes, colored background, strong grid etc.. Use Tahoma font (size 10 maximum) for all items in your graphs (Title, legend, axes etc..). Expand your Excel graph to obtain a large image, copy and paste it in Paint (Microsoft Paint), crop any white border and save the image as PNG or JPEG. Look at an acceptable formatted Excel graph here

5. Are you one of the authors of this article?

If not, you cannot submit the article on behalf of someone else. The submitting author takes responsibility for the article during submission and peer review.

7. Authors contribution and agreement

Do you confirm that all the authors of the manuscript have read and agreed to its content, that readily reproducible materials described in the manuscript will be freely available to any scientist wishing to use them for non-commercial purposes. Persons listed as authors should have contributed to the manuscript per the URM criteria for authorship and contributorship

8. Ethical approval

Do you confirm that ethical approval for any human or animal experimentation was obtained from an accredited ethical committee? (for more information see Instructions for Authors)?

9. Duplicated publication

Do you confirm that the manuscript is original, has not already been published in a journal and is not currently under consideration by another journal?

10. Compliance to journal instructions for authors

Manuscript not in compliance with the all of the above will simply be returned to the corresponding author. By clicking the button below, you are confirming these points and agreeing to these and all other terms of the Pan African Medical Journal Copyright and License Agreement, which we suggest you read.

Before you start the submission of your manuscript, your should agree with or confirm the following (read carefully and check all):

I have read the journalís intructions for authors and I have formatted the manuscript I am about to submit accordingly.

All the individuals listed as co-authors in this manuscript have participated in the research work and manuscript write-up in ways that conform to ICMJE authorship criteria. All the authors listed have given their full consent to have their names listed as co-author and approved the material considered for submission to the journal, therefore assuming responsability for the overall content and integrity of the manuscript.

The manuscript I am about to submit has not been published elsewhere and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The manuscript I am about to submit is original and represents my work and that of my co-authors. No part of the manuscript (text, images, tables) has been copied or borrowed from an existing material without clear referencing or acknowledgment of the source.

The work related to the manuscript I am about to submit was approved, if required, by an Institutional Review Board and has received, when appropriate, relevant administrative approvals from all the insitutions involved

If my manuscript is in French, I have included an acurate English translation of the title, the abstract and the keywords in the manuscript document.

If my manuscript is submitted as a research, I have included after the conclusion a section on What is already known on this topic (at least two bullet points on what is already known on this topic) and What this study adds (at least 2 bullet points on what your study adds).

I am willing to respond to any request of information from the editorial team of the Pan African Medical Journal related to the work I am about to submit, including access to the study data.

Yes (Check this box to accept), I am the submitting author of this article and I accept the conditions of submission and the Pan African Medical Journal Copyright and License Agreement.

Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication in PAMJ are required to contribute an Article Processing Fee (or Article Processing Charges) of $US 180 to support the journal and open access publishing in Africa. This fee is payable only upon acceptance of the manuscript. A waiver can be granted on a case by case basis and at the sole discretion of the editorial office. By submitting your manuscript to PAMJ, you accept to pay the journal Article Processing Fee on if a waiver is not granted.